Our culture and approach

At M&P Investment Inc., we are guided by our culture and a sound set of principles that ensures that we would never forget what we stand for – to have more clients realize their dreams.

M&P Investment Inc. is focused on assessing the quality of management, standards, operational excellence – in aggregate, construction principles – for the people that we serve. As a company, M&P Investment Inc. has a duty to deliver and enhance the value of our clients’ assets.

Thus, M&P Investment Inc. frames its construction governance activities, including the assessment and integration of environmental and social issues, within a construction context.

We have long believed that sound governance promotes good management practices, and contribute to long term successes. In this way, we fulfill our purpose to help our clients achieve their vision that they depend on to meet their long-term goals.


With the long term interest of our clients, we are empowered to run our firm with a lasting client centric perspective. We are able to concentrate our efforts solely on our core activity – construction. M&P Investment Inc. was founded to do one thing: deliver exceptional services for our clients over the long term.


We are committed to keep bringing to our clients the services and solutions that we worked hard on for many years with our strategic teams and partners. Important steps here include innovation and collaboration, these by definition are long-term, “strategic” improvements and solutions that are necessary.

Local Team with International Experience

M&P is a local firm that combines the benefits of international experience and worldwide reach with local relationships. We are able to apply these perspectives locally to further add value for our clients.

Sharing local insights about construction practices, trends, and policy development with colleagues globally contributes to the understanding of the entire team.

Our diverse perspectives help the team to evolve. They enhance our effectiveness as a trusted partner to clients and a constructive investor to companies.

Our accomplishments

Through hard work, dedication, and excellent teamwork, we have been able to secure our place at the forefront of the construction industry here in Guyana and our ultimate objective is to become the country’s leading construction company. One of our crowning achievements thus far has been the move from local projects into the regional arena with the construction of the new Guyana embassy in Brazil, our first construction project outside of Guyana.

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