M&P Investment Inc.’s purpose is to provide experience contruction services. We want to contribute to this purpose by monitoring and engaging with companies to encourage them to adopt best practices consistent with sustainable long-term creations.

Consultation Services

We offer consultation in the line of construction. This consists of advising clients on adequate ways to construct a building or a structure, providing them with a quality design based on extensive research.

Chief Executive Officer of M&P Investments Inc. Pierre Walcott


This includes not only drawings but also estimates of the related costs for construction. This is greatly aided by our Building Information Management (BIM) software, with which we add special features in our designs to accurately portray to the client the real-life applications of the design and bring it to life for them.

A M&P Investment house design drawing, aided by BIM software

Procurement Services

The procurement services of M&P entails the procurement of construction materials for our clients. This can range from construction materials to PPE equipment for the Ministry of Health.

The procurement services offered by M&P entails the construction materials

General Construction

M&P is moving into the field of general construction which includes the construction of roads, bridges, and other features of public infrastructure in Guyana, besides the construction of government and commercial buildings. We also aim to make our construction works as eco-friendly as possible in our efforts to help Guyana become a more environmentally conscious country.

M&P general construction of public infrastructure

Project Management

M&P uses specialized project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project from its beginning to its end, managing the deliverables, quality, costs, and the scope of the work.

A male and female of M&P using specialized project management techniques to oversee the planning and design.