M&P constructed a modern and visually appealing looking house

We bring a modern and visually appealing look to the housing we construct and at an affordable price. We are doing our part to change the architectural landscape of housing in the country. The designs put into focus everything that M&P wants to deliver: Affordability, Modernity, Quality, and Comfort.

The makeup of our designs also enable us to accommodate any wishes our clients may have concerning adaptations in and around their houses. These are our designs:

A M&P Investment innovative and visually appealing kitchen space

Flat house

A family house with a dimension of 30×30 feet. Includes a living area and a kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and an open garage. This is the standard house that we build for low-income housing.

A M&P standard family house build for low-income housing
A modern family house including a swimming pool designed by M&P Investment

Modern family house

Our two-story modern family house design is another family house with a dimension of 35×45 feet. It includes a living area, a kitchen area, a self-containing single bedroom, and a bathroom on the ground floor. On the above floor, it includes two self-containing bedrooms, a master bedroom and bathroom, and a balcony, which is accessible from the master bedroom and one of the self-containing bedrooms. In the outside area, the house also contains an external kitchen/barbeque area and a swimming pool.